Interior brazil

i would like to post, our last job
an interior to be more charm and hospitable than before!
i started to modelling the exist-room from four photos, in a very poor quality made by an old cellphone!
all inside r5 and renderized in brazil for rhino (i think is the last time i use it)

@mcneel team…
save brazil
update with the last feature!!!
however i hope you enjoy it!

at finally 2 pages for a brochure to send to customer


Nice, did you model all the furniture, radiator etc. Or do you download the models?
Is the isometric view from Rhino?

I think there is something wrong with the chairs standing around the table. The backrest seems flipped.

All objects are modelled (except the flowers) using a photo with existing fornitures, chairs table, little lamp.
The new objects are
1 big dark lamp Kartell
2 area tv
3 illumination
4 curtain
5 stand Holly lamp by Frau
6 sofa model George by Frau
Others little things
The perspective is not real… I must warped the camera length to a wide view for a optimal render space just in an image

other shots:


Only a curiosity for Brian
The sofa material is wrong
I was unable to replicate a mat. such alcantara or something like that
Any suggestions about this?