Interferring VA objects

I wonder if there is a method to make some interferring objects behave like they don’t interfere? :wink:
I mean, let’s say I have a situation where I have a building to be refurbished, with some existing elements to be left, and some to be removed. I want to keep all of them in one single design model (just for various purposes), something like this:

Elements to be left shown with gray colour, to be removed - with red one, all the rest with various settings. Then, there are lots of places where a new element is nearby the older ones, and like all VA objects they have their own connections. Is it possible to set some rule to make some VA objects “invisible” to others? I have tried to make blocks of them, but it doesn’t work:

It seems to me that keeping all such elements in one file is not possible, I just have to remove all red ones…
Cheers, Jaro

Of course, I have different styles for all these objects: exclusive for existing elements, for new ones and for those to be removed. All of them have unique settings, with own model layers and so on.
Cheers, Jaro

Hi Jaro,
Unfortunately this is not possible right now. Walls will always intersect each other if they cross their paths, even if one of them is hidden and the other not. We will consider this request for future versions.