Interface with total station

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get rhino to interface with a leica ts15 total station. very similar to what termite does.
The people I work for have some brain boxes but what do I need to get going

I don’t know but the Leica point files should now open in Rhino. Have you run this by Leica? Maybe they can write a plugin without much effort.

I’d be happy to look into it further if I had a Leica scanner!!

Rhino reads point files. See the the Help topic.
“Points File (.asc, .csv, .txt, .xyz, .cgo) Import”

My guess is that Leica writes at least one of those formats.

I think I read in the online Leica total station manual that they write GIS and DXF among others, and have a method for defining custom output formats as well.