Interface with total station


Can anyone point me in the right direction to get rhino to interface with a leica ts15 total station. very similar to what termite does.
The people I work for have some brain boxes but what do I need to get going

(Brian James) #2

I don’t know but the Leica point files should now open in Rhino. Have you run this by Leica? Maybe they can write a plugin without much effort.

I’d be happy to look into it further if I had a Leica scanner!!

(Bob McNeel) #3

Rhino reads point files. See the the Help topic.
“Points File (.asc, .csv, .txt, .xyz, .cgo) Import”

My guess is that Leica writes at least one of those formats.


I think I read in the online Leica total station manual that they write GIS and DXF among others, and have a method for defining custom output formats as well.