Interface improving + Keyshot compatibility

Hello, i’m new on Rhino. I have some question regarding the mac version and i’m not sure if there is something that i don’t know how to manage or if is part of your new design:

Is it possible to have the left side icons menu on 2 columns and not on 4 like is now? Is very confusing at moment and difficult to work fast in this way.

Is it possible to separate the popup icon on some new window? at moment is look like is not possible but i saw on some tutorial that in Windows there is this possibility.

Is it possible to separate the views windows and have for example on of them on another monitor?

Lastly, do you know if this version work well with Keyshot or there is some problem?

Many thanks,


There are lots of things you can tweak in the user interface. For this particular request, go to Rhinoceros > Preferences > Themes. Pick Custom in the popup menu, select “Use Command Options dialog”, uncheck “Include Osnaps panel…”

Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by “popup icon”.

This is not implemented.

You might search this forum to see what has already been posted.

Thank you Marlin. I have try many things on that menu but the only success was to reduce the columns from 4 to 3 even without the snaps panel didn’t change in 2 columns like photoshop for example.

Sorry i wrote popup icon but maybe this is not the right definition. I mean, if i go for example on the lines tool, there is under another panel with more option. In Windows i saw you can separate this panel and put it for example in another area of the monitor. There is any way to do it on Mac?

About the possibility of separate the windows this is very pity… Rhino is incredible similar to one software called Zoom that i used in '96 and there was already this possibility.

Will check for Keyshot, many thanks, Fulvio

I cannot duplicate this. Works fine for me. Please note that the Themes preference panel says, “Changes take effect for new modeling windows.”

Hold down the Option key, then click and hold the Lines tool button. You can also directly access any tool palette using Window > Active Tool Palettes in the application menu.