Interface external Python 3 runtime w/ Rhino's IronPython?

Short story - I have a bunch of external libraries that use a modern Python 3 implementation. I would like to interface them into Rhino in a fast way (e.g. no file writes for communication). My options seem to be:

1.) Use Threading. I see an old post from 2015 on the forums here.

2.) Use the OS subprocess functionality. I can’t find any examples of this on the forum.

3.) Use socket (seems doable, although this thread was never resolved and it seems like other threads are also referencing similar unresolved issues).

4.) Maybe there is some way to do it using Rhino Inside? I would like to have a working Rhino viewport and possibly Grasshopper workspace.

What is the best way? Any examples?

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Hi @user96,

You might have a look at Hops:

– Dale

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