Interesting gumball feature?

What is that for?
I don’t get it.

Hi Charles -

It was for cutting in a PushPull situation but it’s already gone again…


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And how will it work without the extra handle?

It won’t. You’ll have to use the PushPull/WireCut command to do it. It’s a little late in the development cycle for feature creep like this which is why it got pulled. Feel free to try it out while it’s there though and tell me how you like it!

It works quite well.
Not so good is that the objects to cut are not selectable, it simply cuts all what’s in the model.

It’s funny. I keep making that mistake when finding objects in a model for stuff like this. I’ll have to fix it. In the next WIP this feature will be hidden behind a test command called TestGumballCut

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RH-74916 is fixed in the latest WIP