Interesting comparison then and now-

Did a fun test with a very old model I built in rhino for hotwheels… I rendered this in maxwell in about 2004-5ish… it ran for 40 hours on an old i7 with win7…

with my current system i9/ rtx 5000 this same render ran in v7 rhino render in 14 min with no denoising, and in 15 seconds with denoising…

we can argue over light quality and whatnot, but that’s not the point… what used to take 40 hours can be done in moments now… Yes hardware is magnitudes faster, yes, maxwell still likely makes arguably better images… BUT… look how far we’ve come. For most of my clients 15 seconds would have delivered the image they needed.

I still remember my old i7 machine smelling like electronic smoke while running that original image… my new machine barely clicks the fan on now…

maxwell circa 2004 or 5 (can’t remember exactly)

v7 render with no denoise at 14m 24 seconds (1500 passes)

same image in v7 render with nvidia denoising at 15 .25 seconds


I remember frying the blower on my graphics card in my old Dell laptop doing a rendering with Flamingo and a light dome made from 60-70 point lights or something like that - those renderings also took days to complete. Had to keep it in the regrigerator to keep it cool when rendering and then work short 10 minute sessions before I put it back in the fridge - worked like that until I got a replacement about a week later. Great fun was had! :joy:
I’m really impressed by the Intel denoiser - it’s incredible just how close to the fully calculated result it comes! Is it already availble to us riffraff, or is it still only in the in-house builds?

The denoisers are internal only at the moment…for technical reasons. The API they run on is brand new and we are still finishing it up. Once it stabilized, we will open it up to the “riff raff”


It sounds like the scene in Silicon Valley when Anton overheats and catches fire… good times!

Riff Raff ready when you are.

I remember the all day and overnight renderings of StrataVision back in the 90s. Got ‘slides’ of those somewhere…and week long animations :no_mouth:

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