Intercept curve points editing

Hi guys!
Can’t figure out how to intercept a user point editing.
I need something like BeforeTransformObjects event but that carries data about the point(s) modified.
Thanks a lot! :wink:


I doubt this is possible. Why do you want to do this?

– Dale

Because I would like to setup a “relation” between some objects and these objects need to be updated as one of them changes in its shape.
For instance, imagine a 3D surface generated by a 2D curve extrusion. I would like to automatically update the surface as the curve changes in its shape.

This sounds like command history to me. If you don’t want to provide a history-capable command, then you best bet is to subscribe to document event handlers and take action when an event is triggered.

– Dale

Thanks @dale!
That’s exactly what i did, intercepting the replace object event and doing some stuff.