Interactive Vector

Hi everyone, i’m a newbie in rhino and grasshopper.
I have to make a clickable vector in canvas which move a point when the vector is moved.
I don’t know how to make it in c#!

The vector has to be like this

In dynamic transform tool: Taper (1:30) part

You can reference a point from Rhino, or use an internal point with gumball controls, but you cannot limit its movement: (13.6 KB)

There’s an additional problem with picking angles in that you have to keep track of past angles to know whether a specific point location means an angle of 20 degrees or 380 degrees (or -340, or 740, or …).

You could solve this in code, but not easily in vanilla Grasshopper.

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Thank for the answer, my problem is that i have to make a vector directly clickable into the rhino canvas.
Is there a way to make a vector clickable In c#??

Maybe. You can create your own gumball in c#, which would only expose the rotation widget. If that’s not what you’re after I’m out of ideas.