Interactive dimensioning

I am new to Rhino; can anyone tell me if there is a way to edit an object interactively with the dimension text and/or have the dimension text interactively change with an object change. I am working with organic shapes (human foot) and need various circumference measurements and positions of them, to change interactively as I cage edit the object. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Ray - in V5, DimCurveLength and DimArea should help. In V6/WIP dimensions in general have History on by default.


Yes these commands are a small part of what I need but I was wondering more about the INTERACTIVITY of dimensions.
If I make a change to the circumference of the object, I need the dimension to change interactively with it so I know how much change has occurred.
I am not sure what you mean by history on by default. Is V6 available now or is that something up and coming?

Hi Ray - see the post pinned to the top of the forum for access to V6/WIP.

The dimension tools I mentioned update after being edited, not as they are being scaled. This is true of all History enabled dimensions as well in the WIP.