Interaction with GH Styles

With Kangaroo’s Grab component you can do wonders. Proof is what @yelenaye built with Kangaroo and GH Player.

Of course, it’s showing GH Player which ends with Baking – If results of those actions could be saved and modified later it would take it to the next level.

As I mentioned when writing about Embedded Inputs (Wish: Linked & Embedded Inputs), there is a need for quick access to the VA Object settings not only by numerical input from the current UI Properties sub-panel but also graphically from the viewport – e.g. like when modifying the “Embedded” Curve.

Normal Kangaroo Solver (which allows Grab - Kangaroo Zombie Solver works, but obviously it doesn’t work with the Grab component) is not working inside VA styles, so temporarily running a simulation, moving a bunch of things, and freezing the result at the end is not possible.

The Grab Component method of course doesn’t have the precision of the and other goodies of the Gumball.
I don’t know how difficult it would be to achieve as much “Input freedom” as Yelen showed in their example inside VA Objects, so maybe something more like Autocad Dynamic Blocks with it’s widgets is a better example for now.

And how about Human UI?
It is pretty flexible. It would be fantastic if it could be used as an interface for changing parameters of VA GH Styles Objects.

Hello @Czaja,

I understand you would like to change the input geometry of a Gh style and have it automatically updated in the objects created with that Gh style. Maybe, is this related with your request about an auto-update option for some objects in this post?

Maybe having an auto-update option in the Gh styles geometrical inputs could be useful for this purpose, would that work for you? I think this way it would be possible to have a similar interaction to the one you show here with Kangaroo.

Please, let me know about it.

Yes. At start I created very long text and decided to split it in three pieces. Topics cross each other a little.

Ability to auto-update geometrical inputs would be a huge relief. But also with an “embedded” option so I can safely remove inputs. Maybe deleting live-linked input geometries would just convert inputs into embedded ones and moving elements would throw a warning.

Rest of the topic with Human UI I will leave for different occasions. On the forum, there are plenty of examples showing how sophisticated custom UI people are building for themselves. I thought it was worth mentioning.

Because Human UI can preview geometry, there could be multi-step visual guidance in the “Human UI VA GH Style Properties” which would help to visualize the logic of VA Object creation.
It could show a simplified view with general settings, and a separate view with parameters for the details.

Are you familiar with the long PDF documentations for the Revit Families which are describing which parameter does what? :slight_smile: Horrible.

Hi @Czaja,

Nice, I’ll add this update request to the list. I agree, it would be really useful! Let’s continue the discussion about the “embedded” option in the other post, so that we have got all the information there.

This looks like the way things are set in the VisualARQ properties right now:
Maybe we could use sliders instead of text boxes to assign values to parameters though. Human UI is great, although, in my opinion we shouldn’t depend on external plug-ins to change our parameters as that would make future development more difficult and we would be loosing control over it.

Of course, I don’t want you to solely rely on the Human UI. It would be more like an option for those who need custom UI. So they can use it in the meantime for more complex stuff and wait as VA develops.

The current VA Properties sub-panel is not bad at the moment. Minor tweaks would do it for now - like custom sorting of inputs in the list.

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