Interaction in Rhino 5

Hello, in Rhino it is possible to lower somehow a curve one curve lower - that they adjoined? It is possible of course manually, but not precisely…

Crv2View should do what you want, use direction option.

You want to move the line “down” so that it touches the spline? There are a bunch of ways to do this. One way might be to use Align>Top and click on the “quad” osnap of the spline curve at its highest point. Another might be to use the ClosestPoint command to create opposing points, then Move to move from one point to the other. A third might be to create a BoundingBox around the spline and use that as a reference. Yet another way would be to use the SmartTrack alignment tools with Move.


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As Mitch says, there are different ways to do it. Orient2Pt seems like a possibility too.—-Mark

It’s cool! Good ways! I thank! :grinning: