Interact with parts of the model

Is there a way to interact with different parts of the 3d model in grasshopper and shapediver?

The thing I want to accomplish is to have a model and by dragging different parts of the model make other parts of the model update?

Yes, this is possible! You will need to do some web development, please start reading here: Interactions - Part 1

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Hi Alexander,

Is there any documentation available on how to prepare the grasshopper file for interations?


You can find below a detailed explanation on how to use the attributes system to influence the scene tree of the viewer.

In short, you can use a point-separated naming convention with the name attribute for all geometry you send to the glTF 2.0 Display component. This naming convention will directly influence the structure of the scene tree. From there, Alex’s link above describes how to access specific nodes on the tree and enable interactions for them.

Let me know if this is enough information to let you progress in your implementation.