Intelligent point

I am new to Grasshopper.
I divided my curve (Yellow Line) into several equal intervals, and I drew a line perpendicular to the yellow line. At the end of the lines, there are green nodes. Now I want to tell Grasshopper that if the green nodes are inside the F1 Zone, offset the intervals 1 meter, but if they are inside the F2 Zone, offset the interval in 3 meters. How can I do it?
Actually I want the nodes to understand where they are located.

Use points in curves and extend curve


You can play around with this along with changing MD slider.
smartoffset (15.4 KB)


Thank you for your response,
I am struggling with Data and how to define parameters Because I have never used point in curve. That would be smart solution to define parameters there. I will ask you again if I am confronted with a problem.

Wow, that’s intelligent. Part of the problem solved.
Thank you so much.

I made smth, it works when I set just one curve, but when I want to choose multiple curves( Baseline Curves highlighted as violet color) (18.0 KB) it does not work, could you please help me?

You didn’t internalized some boundary curves, so I’m not sure this is what you want.
Canvas%20at%2002%3B10%3B46 (20.8 KB)

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Wow you saved me, thank you so much, can you just explained me what the problem was.
I tried to follow the GH definition but I could not understand, so if you think it is easy to explain, it would be appreciated if you do it.

Sorry for bothering you again, I have similar problem, can you pleas take a look at this post?