Intelectual Property Protection


We are very concerned about the protection of our intelectual property so I have a pair of questions.

Is there anyway to completely forbid the exportation of the geometry built with our plug-in, outside of our own methods? I, for example, have tried in the past to delete the geometry in the “OnBeginSaveDocument” watcher method, but I know a user can always create a plug-in only to look for the geometry in the document and saved it.

Moreover, can Rhino offer any kind of plug-in copy protection to ensure that the plug-ins are only installed in the computers we want to?

Thank you, Chema

If you are adding geometry to the Rhino document, then no, there isn’t much you can do to prevent others from inspecting your geometry.

No, that is your job. :wink:

Maybe this can help you

I suppose the only way is to show your geometry in a display conduit without actually adding it to the document. But, that makes it much harder for the user to interact with. Maybe it is useful in your situation.