Intel isis TigerLake

Hello, I have got a question concerning the intel ISIS GPU Tiger Lake … the first professional GPU from intel …

Does rhino support this GPU and in the future will there be some updates? When I check the GPU on Windows it has 20 GB Ram. But In the rhino Options only 1GB … Once I use another program to read out the information about the GPU and the result was also 1GB … but on my Laptop the GPU didn’t have any Ram for themself, so this information must be wrong … the GPU has only shared memory with the GPU … so much as available …?

on the bottom in the status bar with the snap options , there are some alternating informations . One is physical memory … I think this is the real memory … and its realy high I have one 32GB Ram and one 8GB (32 are perhaps possible) and there are now 30GB for rhino or the ISIS GPU …but in the options under openGL there are only 1GB ?

Hi -

These numbers are just what Rhino is able to retrieve from Windows. These numbers are not used by Rhino in any way to limit any access to any hardware. The Windows OS takes care of all that.