Intel hd with opencl

For cycles render or other renderers, does the Intel on chip HDxxx with opencl support help in performance?
Was looking into Thinkpad T470s but they now seem to drop the geforce and was wondering if intel integrated ones are enough to make quick renders in the viewport.


No. The best you can hope for with integrated video is not crashing in the open GL viewports.


I haven’t tested an Intel GPU, but the Intel CPU OpenCL driver works just fine. I’ll try testing an Intel GOU when I have access to one.

Yeah it used to be like from what I searched in forums as well so looking for some real answers. I was looking for geforce or quadro laptops but, just the size and the battery life… thinkpad T470 looked promising but seems it might not be sold in Japan among other dGPU models out there.
Best so far is new dell XPS15. Still a bit on the heavy side…

That would be fantastic if you can try it out!
Looking into something with HD620 at the moment.

Does anyone know a good like to blender cycles benchmark for IrisHD graphics vc. other graphic cards?