Intel HD Graphics: What issues to expect?

I just received a refurbished ThinkPad T410s with Intel HD Graphics (i5-520M), which I would like to use with Rhino.

However, I am worried about a March 02 2011 wiki entry by John Brock:

I manually process a lot of Rhino crash reports. These cards are total junk for OpenGL based applications like Rhino. AVOID THEM! Lots of crashes even with relatively simple commands like PictureFrame. Be aware that many laptop makers are using these. AVOID THEM!

What problems are to be expected with the Intel HD Graphics? Have drivers since improved? Are there any tests that I can run?

My current system is a ThinkPad T41 with ATI Mobility Radeon 9000. It’s not the fastest setup, but at least Rhino 3 and 5 run perfectly stable.

Sorry you never got a reply. I think the answer is to save often and don’t be surprised if Rhino crashes.

How has it been going so far?

Thanks for asking, Margaret!

The T410s had issues that the vendor hadn’t declared, and so I returned it. I now have a ThinkPad T420si, a Core i3 with Optimus. So far Rhino runs beautifully on the NVS 4200M!