Intel HD graphics stops working

I enter the WIP on my laptop.

I draw a curved line.
I try to finish drawing the line.
I get the following error message:

I can no longer draw any curves or anything at all… the commands work but it’s like they’re invisible.

Post a screenshot of your OpenGL settings under Rhino Options > View > OpenGL or run the SystemInfo command and post the result here.

There you go.

Hi @LeslieDeanBrown,

I would start by suggesting you download the latest Intel GPU drivers from here: Just use the “Automatically update your drivers” option. When this is done, restart your computer and then see if Rhino works any better.


Well I did that. I like how you put “Automatically update your drivers” in inverted commas. LOL.

And here’s what I get. Curvy lines now display as disjointed line segments.

Disable GPU Tessellation as shown in your screenshot. Most Intel drivers don’t work well with this feature.

I unselected that and it works!
You know I kind of assumed that because there was only one setting/choice, it wouldn’t do anything.
Well there you go. Never assume anything.

Nice to know my ultrabook isn’t going to be obsolete just yet.