Intel Graphics card + GH

Hi, have seen on several places that, for years ago, Intel Graphics card was on the “not under any circumstances” level, see this article for example from 2012.

Is it the same nowadays? My q is about Windows. Windows Surface Book 3 etc. uses Intel Iris and GH will be an important tool.

I have installed Rhino and grasshopper on a 2006 laptop (actually it was a beast back then and today with a SSD it run faster than ones at store for 250€)…
… as well as on a mini-PC with 32GB eMMC, 2GB ram and surely some of the lowest intel integrated GPU.

Compared to other softwares, if a pc can run Windows 10 64bit decently, it will probably also run current rhino… and grasshopper.

What you need to do with rhino/grasshopper?

Hi @kristoffer.jeppsson,

The Surface Book 3 with the NVIDIA GeForce is preferred.

Keep in mind the the video card is for Rhino, not Grasshopper. Rhino wants a high-quality video system for OpenGL display. NVIDIA is the preferred provider for this.

– Dale