Intel denoiser and low samples

Hi @nathanletwory (and I’m just guessing this is your table - feel free to pass it on, if it’s not! :grimacing:)
If I have my samples target for the rendered viewport set low (like 10 or 20) on simple geometries, it’s almost as if the Inel denoiser doesn’t have time to kick in. If the sample target is reached in a matter of seconds (1-2 seconds), the denoiser never kicks in, and I have to go and turn it off/on for it to take effect. Is there a setting for this? It seems as if just under 3 seconds is the threshold for when the denoiser takes effect, but for really simple scenes, doing quick previews or animations, it’s sometimes sufficient to have the rendering complete in less - but I can’t take advantage of the denoiser, because it never kicks in.
TIA, Jakob

@Normand the timing is done by the post effects pipeline. I believe it would always do the very last frame, but @DavidEranen knows this better, since that is his area :slight_smile:

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Hi @Normand. That sounds like a bug! I made a YouTrack item for further investigation (probably tomorrow):


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