Integer codes for line patterns

I’m trying to draw a patterned line as found in the documentation:

I don’t understand the integer code for pattern. Is there a reference somewhere? I’d like to draw a dashed line…


I don’t really know, but I’d assume its a 32 bit long bit mask, each bit representing a pixel, 1 the pixel is drawn, 0 the pixel is skipped.

So 0x1111 is 0b00000001000000010000000100000001 and produces a line like this:
0xGGG0 gives 0b11111110111111101111111000000000 and my guess is the line looks like this:

Let me know it this is correct.

See you

Wow! That is a super-fascinating explanation. Thanks @frist!. From some initial tests, this seems to be accurate, except that 0s oddly represent pixels that are on and 1s represent those that are off.