Int snap + complex scenes = hanging snap -> unusable



I am working on a fairly complex architectural scene.
When I turn on the int snap, the cursor or crosshair snaps to a point (as far a I see it it does not have to be an “int” point…) and hangs there for up to 7 seconds, making it practically impossible to use.
Turning of the int snap instantly solves the issue.

I am trying to find out what exactly causes this behaviour - could it be something related to the scene extents ?

has anyone else experienced this behaviour ?

thank you for your feedback


(John Brock) #2

I’m not seeing that behavior here.
Do you have SmartTrack turned on? If you don’t use it, see if turning that off solves the problem.

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Andreas- is this in V4 or V5?


(Brian James) #4

Can you share the file with tech? Here’s an upload utility… Please reference this thread too if you can in the comment field.


Hello Pascal, it happens in both versions 4 and 5…


@John : No smarttrack was not turned on…


->Brian J - I am out of office today, I will try to send you the file on Monday - thanks!