Instantiating Revit Links using Rhino.Inside

I have two villa types that I would like to populate on a masterplan. The two villas are linked in the masterplan but not placed/instantiated.

I also have Planes generated within GH with location and orientation information that I would like to use to place and orient each of the villas. What components can I use to generate multiple (ten) new instances of the two files that are linked?

Hi John,

You can use the Duplicate Element component.

This seems a little off and there may be a better way to do it.

Doesn’t work when trying to duplicate objects multiple times. What’s odd in your definition is that you’ve used the E output of the Duplicate Element components which outputs the original object.

I’ve done the below definition and it worked to a certain degree. Still trying to wrap my head around baking.

to bake into Rhino in the correct location you would need to translate the original linked geometry to the locations (grasshopper orient or transform component)

something like this… Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Since I am only interested in the Revit output I guess i shouldn’t be looking into baking at all.

Worth noting that each dark grey component produces its own set of objects. Therefore I am ending up with double the elements I need. Any idea how to optimise my script to prevent duplication everytime certain components are executed? perhaps a data dam?

I’m not sure how you are getting incorrect duplicate elements in this definition. Can you elaborate by adding some panels to the outputs in question? Thanks.