Instant crash from opening file

Been working on a file for several weeks, months, really, without trouble. Friday I started interpolating cotes on a situational plan, so simple polylines arranged in vertical order relating to the landscape. When cleaning this work up today Rhino suddenly crashed. Probably when joining a couple of polylines or some similar command relating to the basic polyline-work. Thinking nothing more of it I re-opened Rhino and expected having to redo maybe ten-fifteen minutes of work, but the file sent Rhino into a sudden crash again, before I can press anything. This keeps happening and even though I have a backup from thursday, I find this extremely frustrating and would love to figure out what’s going on here.

Never experienced this before. Worth mentioning is that there is also suddenly have filename.3dm.rhl-files in my folder. What are these .rhl?

Would love to supply more info, just tell me what is needed

these are lock files, that indicate the file is in use. When your file crashes, they can be left behind though.

Does it help if you import the (3dm) file into a fresh file?

Tried this with no success, unfortunately

Hei Knut -
Can you upload the file so that we can take a look? Rhino - Upload to Support ← copy a link to this thread in the comments field on that page.

It’s sent, Wim. Thanks

Hei Knut -

I see that opening your file crashes Rhino 7 on macOS. It doesn’t do that on Windows.
I suppose that one could say that the “bad” news is that it works fine on Rhino 8 for macOS - I’ll put it on the list to have a closer look at, but since this is something that is already fixed in Rhino 8, I’m not sure what, if anything, will be done with this one. I’ll see if I can pinpoint what is causing the crash…
At this point, I can only recommend to download the WIP and export the objects that you were working on Friday to import those into your working Rhino 7 file.

Sounds good, Rhino 8 is downloading. Would be nice to know what caused it, though, if its related to the polyline-activities or bad objects i.e. Thanks for looking into it, Wim!