Instances of a form

I have a form composed of several subforms that I need to use multiple times in a complex model.
How do I define the form so that additional instances allow variances of the color attributes of the subforms?
(Tried setting as Block)

Hello - set, on the base objects, before creating a block, color, material etc to ‘By Parent’ in Properties and then place the instances on layers with the materials you like. I don’t know if that is quite what you mean…

ColoredBlocks.3dm (388.8 KB)


Thanks Pascal. Not guite. Can I send you a file privately?

Consider a form composed of a set of parts.
If the part set is un-grouped, I can drag and drop material color onto each of those parts.
And then re-group.

I’m wanting to understand how instances of an un-colored part set can can be structured so that I can still assign various color’s to parts within each instance. Every instance will have different coloration.

Yes, sure.


Did you receive my message sent few days ago?