Installing Zoo License Manager on Google Drive

Has anyone successfully installed the Zoo License Manager on google drive, dropbox or a similar cloud storage platform? I seem to have issues specifying a new location for the install other than the default location.


The Zoo is a Windows “Service”, with a little user interface. It can be installed and run in a Virtual Windows image, but not in a separate file location.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Hi John, thanks for your response. So the situation is as follows. Both me and a colleague have installed rhino locally on our laptops. We have a shared license that I believe we share using the Zoo License Manager. For us to both be able to see this application it needs to be installed on our google drive, rather than locally which it does as default. Does this make sense or am I missing something simple?


Mark, the Zoo needs to run in a Windows environment. It’s not going to run in Google Drive.
If you can get a simple network going between your two laptops, one of you can run the Zoo, and both machines can check out the license from there.