Installing Silkworm2 on Grasshopper

I am trying to install silkworm2 as a grasshopper plugin on my windows computer on rhino 7. I’ve downloaded the plugin from food4rhino and unblocked the file. I then opened grasshopper and copied and pasted the plugin into File>Special Folders>Component folders. This should ordinarily do the trick, however, when I open grasshopper again it only shows the silkworm plugin (instead of silkworm2 plugin) - see image.

I have deleted all traces of silkworm1 before installing silkworm2 to see if this would work but it hasn’t.


You need to drag and drop the downloaded plugin into the File>Special Folder>Components folder instead of copying and pasting. Then close rhino and grasshopper, open it up again and that should work :slight_smile:

Thanks Arthur!