Installing python plugin commands fails in rhino 6

The problem:
Creating a rhi-file for python pluging commands fails to install correctly.

The (probable) reason:
Installing creates the folder and file in the correct place, but in the folder name the uuid is in brackets () not in curly brackets {}.

It looks like all uuids are done differently in rhino 6 and 7, plugin_name {uuid} and plugin_name (uuid) respectively. Is the anything I can do to get my rhi work in rhino6 as well?

edit: followed the instructions to create a rhi-file written here:

So any ides on this? I guess this got lost in the stream because I did not put the right tags on it from the start.

Hi Jani -
Not a direct answer to your question but have you tried to use the Script Compiler that is available with Rhino 7? That should write Rhino 6-compatible plug-ins.

Alas, it is bit difficult to keep up with the wip update cycle on my enterprise controlled computer. But I if and when I get the possibility to try it I will.

What does that command do?

Hi -

I might very well have misunderstood your initial request - I thought that you needed to turn a python script into a plug-in - possibly for distribution to other machines.
The Script Compiler lets you turn a python script (and more) into a plug-in.

No worry, you understood correctly. And Script Compiler sounds like something I’ve been looking for.

Is there any more info somewhere? One question pops into mind, would it be possible to use the Compiler to simply package a python command and a toolbar button (plus that toolbar I guess) into one distributable rhi?

Hi -

There’s a long discussion about it here:

(including a tracker issue to make sure that this gets documented at some point).

That also gets discussed in that thread but it looks like that is still on a to-do list.

Ok, thanks for all the info.

It seems there is not yet a direct solution for my problem, but the Script Compiler is definitely something to look out for.

Hey Jani, did you run the EditPythonScript command at least once to get Rhino to see the new command(s)? You’ll need to do this in both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7.

The “Name (UUID)” format is correct and is the same for both Rhino 6 and Rhino 7.

Ok, thanks for pointing out my insufficient testing. Here are updated results:

It does not seem to matter if the plugin folder is name{id} or name(id). Both instances seem to work fine after all.

The readjusted problem is that if there is a folder with both parentheses with commands with same names, there will be a conflict. But clicking through those messages, the commands do work. Further testing is required to verify which implementation is called.

So the only problem that remains, is that if you update commands with rhi, it might not work. But I imagine this will eventually phase out, assuming that curly brackets are a thing of the past in rhino.