Installing multiple Rhino versions on a new PC

Hi all,
I am going to install Rhino on a new laptop and I would like to have multiple versions to keep using some plugin and have compatibility with some older software.
Namely, I would like to install Rhino v. 5-6-7-8wip

Can I encounter any inconvenient (file associations, icon mapping…)?
What is the suggested order?


Chronologically, i.e. 5, then 6, then 7, then 8wip. It will work fine (I have all these installed).

All versions of Rhino files use the same .3dm extension so Windows will only be able to associate them with one of these - you might wish to ensure that the Windows file association is with whichever Rhino you use most. (I have a little utility which checks within the .3dm file to find out which version it is so when I double click the file the utility opens the correct Rhino, but I need to review this because if, say, a Rhino 5 file is created by Rhino 7 rather than Rhino 5 then my utility sees it as a Rhino 7 file.)


Hi Jeremy -
Just wondering …

What would make that a Rhino 5 file?

A file that could be opened in Rhino 5, containing no features from later versions that would not work with 5. (Created in Rhino 7 using the Rhino 5 option in Save As).

Ha - that part clarifies it. Thanks.

Hi Jeremy - what does your utility check in the file?


Hi @pascal,

As I recall, I get the ApplicationName property.


Hi Jeremy - ReadArchiveVersion might work more reliably - (have not tried - I have a similar thing but I get the info, maybe not the best way 'cause it involves a lot of text parsing to find anything, via ReadStartSectionComments() I will see if readArchiveVersion gets there more directly)

(I see I was trying to be more specific about the version, hence my reading the text in the start section)


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Ok, thank you!

Hi @pascal,

So it looks like the ArchiveVersion, per files created in Rhino 7 is 4 for Rhino 4, 50 for Rhino 5, 60 for Rhino 6 and 70 for Rhino 7. Can it ever be an intermediate value like 51 for example?


Hi Jeremy - Yeah, I guess that is what I was trying to work around by reading the start section. The archive version will not change within a major version, so I guess the answer to your question is no. The start section in different file versions seems to be arranged differently, so to be reliable my text parsing has to know what archive version it is reading - I have not done that yet, so it gives an error on some and works on others.


Hi all, laptop arrived and i am starting setup but cannot find a download link for Rhino v5.
If I login to my account I see only Rhino 6-7 download link
Tryed this link then but got this error
The license key you entered is not eligible for downgrade:
On PC I have running fine both 5-6-7-8

Which licence did you use: 5, 6 or 7?

I tried 5 first, then 6 and 7 but I am getting the same error message.
On the zoo I see download link for 6-7 only
Over the years I upgraded my first Rhino license (5 boxed) to 6 then 7

Download Rhino 5 from Rhino - Download - Rhino 5 for Mac (linked from archives section at Rhino - Rhino - Downloads )

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