Installing earlier version of Rhino6

Is there any way to install earlier version of rhino 6 together with latest one?

The issue is following:
If you are a developer, you usually have the latest rhino version. But users may have Rhino 6.2 6.3 or 6.4 while mine is 6.8. Such add ons (grasshopper) will not load on users computers and there will be constant communication that they must update rhino.

Is the only way to install very early rhino6 on some other computer, then copy dll files to USB stick and compile it with them?

In my case it is ngon methods for meshes that did not change since first releases.

Yes, it is the only way, or stick to oldest version you are willing to support for your users, and make that the minimum requirement for your users. Preferrably all users update to the latest version, but I can understand that it isn’t always possible.

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