Installin python library Rhino Python


I would like to install external library for python?

Specifically I would like to install pyglet 1.2.3a1

How to correctly copy files so that I could import the library into Rhino Python Editor?

Thank you in advance,


I don’t know pyglet but on the home page it says: “pyglet 1.2 released. The major 1.2 release brings pyglet to Python 3.”. Does it also work with Python 2.7.x? because IronPython 2.7.x is what’s embedded in Rhino.

To add an external library, in the Rhino Python Editor select “options …” from the “Tools” menu and under the “Files” tab you can add a directory to “Module Search Paths”.

But if you want to create a cross-platform GUI you should consider Eto. That’s what we’re using internally and it’s what we’re recommending although we don’t have Rhino specific documentation on that yet.