Installer Silent Mode v5 vs v6


I was trying to install Rhino from the command line and I detected some weird functionality in Rhino 6.

  • Executing Rhino 5 installer from the command line with the parameter /S, if I cancel the installation i got this error. Thats good because i can detect it
  • Nevertheless if I execute the installer of Rhino 6 with the parameter /S, and I cancel the installation I got no error and the process is still running, that avoids me from deleting the installer from the machine until I manually close the process! Notice the process does not appear until I close the command line


The command line arguments for the installer for Rhino 6 are completely different. See for details.

We’ve never even tried to embed the installer within another, so your mileage may vary :slight_smile: - please let me know if something needs to be fixed.

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Thank you Brian! I didn’t found this page when I was searching for that, let me check the options I need and I will report any problem with them :slight_smile: