Installation problem

Hi there!
I try to install Rhino 5 on my win7 SP1 64bit desktop, I downloaded it from the official rhino website but the installation aborts all the time and I can not find any solutions for this problem on the internet.

Hi Tobias,

First thing I would do is download the installer again, it could very well be the package is corrupt.


Hi Willem,
thanx for your post! I tried it several times with the installer of the
rhino web page. Is there may another source for downloading the latest
rhino version?


Are you downloading it with google chrome? If so. Try it with another explorer. A while ago someone also needed to download it 6 times and it never worked. Changing the explorer and then download it helped.

  • Jordy

Hi Tobias- first, please make sure you have Windows completely up to date…