Installation error in Grasshopper: Google Drive & EleFront

When inporting a .gh file in Rhino, i get an long list of menu request to install.|
But they don’t install and when clicking away they come again about 20 times.

After closing them in an enless row i get one of the last messages when i try to install:

Downloading Google Drive for GH (Beta 1)…
Couldn’t find Google Drive for GH (Beta 1)
Downloading MetaHopper (…
Downloading metahopper (1.2.4)…
Downloaded metahopper (1.2.4)
Installing metahopper (1.2.4)…
Successfully installed metahopper (1.2.4)
Downloading EleFront (…
Couldn’t find EleFront (
Successfully installed 1 of 3 packages.
Restart Rhino to load your new plug-ins!
Not all plug-ins were found on the package server.
Developers, please visit to find out how to add your plug-in to the package manager.

I already copied EleFront.gha to the destination folder, but no change in the installation process.
What to do?

Do you copy Elefront.gha to the component folder?

Hi -
Did you unblock the zip file when you downloaded it from Food4Rhino?

Yes, I did got EleFront 4.21 installed. (funny it is called .22 but unpacked it is .21)

But the problem is that my file requires EleFront version:

This is nowhere to be downloaded and I think it is more the question:

WikiHouse_WREN_(v4.3).gh (2.8 MB)

I don’t see any issues with Elefront in your file. (there’re a ton with Human and Flux, though)

It’s probably not Elefront that causes the definition not to run, as Elefront components are loaded properly.