Installation error 1406

Two errors that read “cannot write to key…LocalServer32…”
I didn’t capture the full message but the error code was 1406.
I ignored both error messages and installation seemed to have gone through. Rhino seems to run fine.

As the message implies, the error is because the install was blocked from writing System Registry keys.

didn’t really stop me from launching rhino.
not sure why it’s blocked. my anti-virus is set to allow all Rhino-related operations…

It was probably a rights issue.
Hopefully you will not have an issue.
If you do, we’ll deal with it then.
When Windows buggers up the System Registry rights, it can be a problem.

It may be an indication that your system is beginning to have problems.
Is it an old system?

The V6 installer will keep going if some components or steps fail.
The V5 installer stopped for every failure.

A fairly common failure (not your situation), is the VisualStudio C++ 2005 redistributable package. It is only used by a couple a very old and seldom used export plug-ins. Most users will never know it failed. The symptom is Rhino can export to the old ZCorp export format.

window 10. often kept up to Microsoft’s updates too