Install Rhino7 evaluation problem

Hi, when I install Rhino7 evaluation, it has this problem

Hi Lantonshen,

some people had problems, because an active virus scanner jumped in and deletes some files.

Deactivate your virus scanner and try to install again.

If this doesn’t help, send the log file.



I’ve got the same issue. I disabled my virus scanner but the crash persists.Error

The installation even breaks Rhino 6! I had to repair it every time I tried to install Rhino7 :disappointed_relieved:

Please send in the error log, I believe you have a different error that won’t be fixed by anti-virus status.

Please run the installer, (let it fail) then send the error log to with your systeminfo and any other relevant info.

Ok, its is fixed.
I had two issues:

  • There is a known failure when you register your product key during installation. This can be solved by choosing Rhino account instead, then register a local product key later when Rhino starts.

  • I also had the same issue as in the topic with the antivirus (avast). Please note that this also make the updates fail. When updating to R7.1 with the antivirus active, it not only failed but broke the existing installation.

Thanks a lot to @Vanessa for her help

My pleasure @Matthieu_from_NAVINN!
Thanks to @cecile for chiming in as well!