Install Rhino onto network storage


We are trying to reduce the complexity of our system images by basically not installing stuff if possible.

This is working well for foundry products. For example we do not have Nuke or Mari installed on any machines - but our artists can run any version they like via a command. The files and executable’s required are all on the network.

Deploying a new version is super quick and reliable - we just add the files and then our artists can all use the new version.

Is it possible to run Rhino like this? (We have Rhino floating licenses. )
What dependencies does rhino have and what changes does it make to the system on install?

Rupert Thorpe (squint opera)

Hi @purestvfx,

No, this is pretty hard. The way Rhino is set up now, there’s a lot of changes to the local machine to set up things like shortcuts, file associations, plug-in registration, template files, etc. I imagine you could get Rhino to run from a network drive, but getting a new user to get all the right plug-ins loaded, access to the right template files, etc - would be a pretty big challenge.