Install Peters Tools in R7

I just downloaded the latest Peters Tools for R7 from Food4Rhino and followed the install txt file to drag and drop into an open R7 window and get the message that I cannot install the rhp because the ID in already in use.


Does one have to ‘uninstall’ a plug in before it can be updated?

From the installation guide;

Unzip this folder somewhere on your computer
Open Rhino and drag-and-drop the PetersTools.rhp file onto it
Toolbar should install automatically. If not, type in Toolbar, then Open and select the PetersTools.rui file.
If the plugin doesn’t work, check to be sure that Rhinoscript is working by going to Tools->Options->Plug-ins and make sure Rhinoscript is enabled.

@phcreates can you help here?

This is the error that you’ll get if you try to install another copy of the same plugin that you’ve already installed from a different folder on your computer. Go to Tools->Options and scroll down to Plug ins. Click on PetersTools & see what version is installed. If it says 2.1.something then you have the latest.

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No, I don’t get the archive tools and if I click on the Help/About in the question mark in tells me I have 1.98 installed. I don’t see any version info if I do as you say above.

I seem to have a Peters Tools.Peters Tools listed as you can see. That takes me to a group of about 7 separate toolbars that do seem to be the 2.1 version. This look right, right?

You might need a newer toolbar, though. I’m not sure if all the commands are there on the toolbar you have unless you’ve modified it manually.PetersTools.rui (1.3 MB)

The bottom toolbar in that collection seems to be the newer one but when I click ‘about’ it still says ‘1.98’ and sends me to an old page on Food4Rhino. I’ll try your fresh rui that you sent here, thanks!
Archive is a great feature!