Install fails, error 1603

Win8.1/64, German
No special settings - like out of the box
PC is fresh rebootet
V5 installs fine.

The eventlog says:
Eine Windows Installer-Transaktion wird gestartet: C:\Users\Charles\Downloads\rhino_de-de_6.0.14294.17091.msi. Clientprozess-ID: 7764.
Das Produkt wurde durch Windows Installer installiert. Produktname: Rhino WIP. Produktversion: 6.0.14294.17091. Produktsprache: 0. Hersteller: Robert McNeel & Associates. Erfolg- bzw. Fehlerstatus der Installation: 1603.


Hey Charles,

Here is a Wiki page on 1603 errors… It’s for Rhino 5, but maybe I would check the dotnet on your Windows 8.1 and maybe try to install 4.5 to see if that helps… That’s all I can think of for the moment.

Cheers, --Mitch

Hi Mitch,

after Windows Updates it installed flawless.
I could have tried earlier…


Ahh, good news… Cheers, —Mitch