Install evaluation Rhino 6 after Rhino 7 release for ArchiCAD user

Is-it still possible to install an evaluation version of Rhino 6 ?
The use is to try the connection with ArchiCAD. The link plug-ins are not compatible with Rhino 7 for now.

Don’t know if this will install as an eval version… maybe.

Hi all - there is no difference between the evaluation versions and “full” versions of Rhino. The only thing that is different is the system behind the downloading where the “evaluation” links will send out an evaluation license key. This will no longer happen for any Rhino 6 downloads.

So that means no, it won’t work for him, as no evaluation key gets sent out?

That is correct, yes.

So I have to wait for ArchiCAD developers to update their rhino/gh plug-ins. :disappointed_relieved:
Hope they don’t take 3 months (evaluation period) to make it.