Install a set of custom display modes for all users in a company

Apologies if this has been asked / answered elsewhere, but I couldn’t find a topic on this question if so.

We’d like to install a set of custom display modes for all of the users in our company. It looks like we could do this with a plugin that:

  1. Looks at a network directory for a collection of .ini files describing the custom display modes
  2. Generates a List<DisplayModeDescription> using DisplayModeDescription.ImportFromFile
  3. Adds them to Rhino (if they don’t already exist) by DisplayModeDescription.AddDisplayMode(DisplayModeDescription)

Is there a better way to do this?


cc @sebastian.misiurek

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Hi @mswaidan,

That is certainly one option. You could just as easily write a script (e.g. Python or RhinoScript) to accomplish this too.

I’m not sure I have any better suggesions…

– Dale

Thanks @dale