Insertion Item - use of Indices port

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I have generated an Insertion Item as attached and a bit puzzled on what the “Indices” Port mean.
I know that the “Item” input port will generate an offset from the base, but what about the Indices Port?

I am aware that it is normally kept as zero and just wonder what is the logic if I change it to another digit , how would it affect the order of numbers in the “Partial Results” output?

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YutakaInsert (16.6 KB)

As you can see in the attached screengrab, Insert Itemswill let you insert “0” into the index 3 and 5 of the existing list, and the resulting new list has two more items than previous list.

Thanks HS Kim

I am not getting the same result as you, have I missed something? Please see the attached!

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Insert (11.2 KB)

Thanks Kim, I understood what you meant when we shuffle the Indicies as per your screen cap.

Would that have an impact on the final result of my contours? I cannot see any impact on the contours distribution myself in the attached file when I shuffled the indicies of the Insert Items.

Please correct me if I am wrong,

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YutakaInsert (16.9 KB)