Inserting a block in a different view


From model space, I am inserting a block like so.

thisDoc.Views.ActiveView = pageView(0)
partViewBOMBlock = rs.InsertBlock("PartViewTriplePlyBOM", pvPCoor)

But, I don’t want to switch from model space, to the view, and back again.

Is there any way to insert a block into a view without switching to it?

(Steve Baer) #2

Not for layouts, sorry. Adding of geometry to the document takes the active view in consideration to determine where the geometry ‘exists’.


I think I’ll just build an internal array, and then insert everything later.

Thanks for the reply!



How do you switch BACK to model space?

model space is not in the list of PageViews()

(Steve Baer) #5
previous_view = thisDoc.Views.ActiveView
thisDoc.Views.ActiveView = previous_view


Not enough coffee in my clearly lol

Thanks :slight_smile: