Inserted Blocks - Feature requests

Hi all,

I have two feature requests that have to do with blocks:

  • It can be difficult to keep layers organized when a model has a large number of referenced/linked blocks. I can create a layer, and move all the referenced blocks to that layer, and everything behaves beautifully. Sadly, this does not stick, so the next time I open the file, I have to move all the blocks back into the layers. Could this be made to stick?

  • In order to prevent having to explode a block every time I need to extract a surface, could there be an “extractSurfaceFromBlock” command? I love using blocks as reference geometry, or to prevent people from modifying a portion of the model, but if I want to extract features from the block to assist in building new geometry, I have no choice but to explode the block. Perhaps there is a feature I don’t know about?



Hi Tom -
for your first point,

do you mean you move the instances to that new layer? That should stick; it is not possible to change the definition’s layers though, for a linked block, other than in that exteernal file.

For your second point - you can BlockEdit (Double-click) > ExtractSrf (Copy=Yes) > Cut (Ctrl-X) the surface, exit the block edit session and Paste.


Hi Pascal - as always, thanks, for the response. Screenshots will be simpler:

This is what I would like it to look when I open the file. I can collapse the “Z-EQUIPMENT BLOCKS” layer, to keep things tidy as this list is getting bigger.


However when I open the file, this is what I get:


You will notice that all the referenced blocks have popped out of the “Z-EQUIPMENT BLOCKS” layer.

Does that make sense?

With regards to extracting a surface - since the blocks are linked (not imbedded), it means it opens another instance of Rhino. Really not a big deal - I can copy the surface across. Thanks for the pointer!


Ah, OK, I see - so you are moving layers and not instances onto layers. Yeah, I do not know what is possible there. Blocks are getting some attention for V8, I’ll see if we can make that happen - at least get it on the pile if it is not there.

Yeah, for editing linked blocks it is a bit more painful. It might be good to be able to copy block objects into the current file. Asking a dev if that is even a reasonable thought…
RH-67192 Copy: from block instances


Copy - thanks for giving it some thought! It isn’t that big a deal to open another rhino instance, copy the surfaces I need (Ctrl-C), and then paste them into my model (Ctrl-V). Perhaps a little slow, but works fine.

Happy to know blocks are getting some attention in V8, just as I am leaning into them a little more!