"InsertControlPoint" in the V direction

Hello, I created a surface, pulled points from a surface and applied “InsertControlPoint” in U direction (to refining of edge).

1.3dm (158.8 KB)

At application of “InsertControlPoint” in the V direction I receive similar result:

And so with any surface. It is possible to correct it somehow?

privet Modeler, i do no see this interruption if this is what you are talking about. you can try RefreshShade, or use a Custom Mesh to break that artefact. i see a smooth transition and it appears to be a continuous surface so there should not be anything really wrong with it.

Yes, but you try to apply “InsertControlPoint” in the V direction now as I:

it naturally gets a bit kinky but i cant reproduce that sudden twist in the shading.

if you tried refreshshade and/or custom Mesh then i dont know how to help you further.
here my file where it works as expected.

1.3dm (163.4 KB)

edit: if it still persists you can select the region and use the command smooth in xyz direction with fixed boundaries with value 1 for example and see if this sorts it out.

At me it is so displayed:

Refresh Shade/Custom Mesh - don’t help :pensive:

yes, thats natural :slight_smile: it just looked a bit strong on those pictures you have linked here. try smooth as i said, or make another insertion. you can also smooth manually with MoveUVN. just select that region and move the u or v smoothing and see what it does.

here a smoothed version

1.3dm (173.9 KB)

I have made:

The problem is present…

? i am not sure if you are trying to ignore what i wrote but if you dont want to try smooth or MoveUVN as explained i am out of options :wink: again thats very natural that the surface kinks up when you make a crude insertion in such an area.

one last thing you can try is to use FitSrf before you make the insertion and see if this gives you a better basis to start from.


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About what tool there is a speech?

I know about MoveUVN, I tried) But it is sometimes difficult(

Thanks! Quite good result)

the best option i guess would be to use FitSrf with the values i posted, before you insert and after the insertion use MakeUniform (dont mix with MakeUniformUV). the result looks very smooth and very balanced CPs.

1.3dm (133.0 KB)

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I have found the Smooth tool :grinning:

RichardZ, I thank for the help!:grinning:
P. S. About “InsertControlPoint” I will be grateful for additional information.

for example? not sure what more information you need :smiley: it inserts a row of control points on a surface or one CP on a curve. :wink:

I incorrectly have said, I am interested in information about specification of edges and anything about “InsertControlPoint”.:wink:

i guess i am standing on the circuit :smiley: which information are you trying to gain? what kind of information are you expecting? anything specific? i never used insertion before, maybe somebody else can explain you how to use it :wink: i knew somebody from russia who spoke the same riddled… are you from russia?

Try using InsertKnot instead of InsertControlPoint.

InsertKnot usually does not change the shape of the surface or curve the knot is inserted into. The control points can then be moved to change the surface or curve as desired.

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thinking about it i wonder what insertcontrolpoint is good for, if it distorts the geometry in surfaces and curves which probably will not be wanted in most if not all of the cases…

When using different tools I noticed various counters, receptions, use subtleties. Maybe “InsertControlPoint” have some subtleties?:thinking:

Yes, I from Russia, try to write normally in English - it is very necessary. PROMT Translator in the help.:neutral_face:

I am aware. When using “Insert Knot” - to create certain edges with the necessary smoothness quite difficult. It is a lot of shifts, editing of points - it is inconvenient!:frowning_face: