Insert two IFC model the layer issue

I’m having trouble inserting two IFC models into Rhino due to a layer problem. Specifically, I’ve inserted Model 1 into Layer 0101 and Model 2 into Layer 0102. However, when I insert Model 2, the layer for Model 1 merges into Layer 0102. Can anyone provide assistance with resolving this issue?

Which plugin are you using to import IFC? Geometry Gym, VisualArq or something else?
If it’s geometry gym, it does use the unique id of the spatial element to identify a layer. I can add an option to not merge layers if this is the case.

I am using an insert model within the Rhino Geometry gym. Could you kindly consider adding the feature of not merging layers as an option? Thank you in advance. my ggRhinoIFC version is V23.6.16.0

Sure, I have done this since your post. If you can please update from rhino package manager, there is a no option as per this image. Let me know if it doesn’t help.

it work thanks jonm :grinning: :+1: