Insert knot - snapping isocurves


in the image you see 5 curves lofting a history enabled surface.
now i want to add some knots to the curves, which are uniform.

the first insert creates a new span in the loft, but in order to get the knot in the right place on the second curve(&3rd,4th…) i would have to snap the knotline.

I can get it with int+onSurface, but when I click to confirm nothing happens; no knot is inserted.

it is ok to work around with iso extract, but it would help if it would function on the fly


(Pascal Golay) #2

Yeah, I see- that snap ought to find the closest point on the curve and use it… I’ll see if that can be tuned up, I don’t know how hard that might be.





(Pascal Golay) #4

This is fixed for V6.