Insert edge problem, bug?

When I insert an edge (ring) in a subD object I cannot choose the positioning of the new edge , and after inserting the edge controlpoints get stacked at the original edge.
I inserted an edge in the object on the right, and the object on the left is the result.
With meshes inserting edges also results in stacked mesh points on the edge.


I confirm it

I think insert edge works better and is more accurate in non-smooth mode. In soft mode the command works really badly.

Yes, box mode often works better but in this case the problem is not solved in box mode.

I can confirm this bug, insert edge doesn’t work at all now both in crunchy or creamy mode

There was a recent change to allow the use of InsertEdge right up to another edge, this inability was previously making InsertEdge fail if one of the handles hit the next point when inserting it. On non evenly spaced geometry between edgeloops it was very easy to see InsertEdge just not work after picking the location. Now the control points will be very very close to one another as I understand it but not stacked. In any case, if you use SelEdgeLoop or sub-object select and then SlideEdge, you should be able to move that inserted edge loop to space them out. If I’m missing something please post a model and the steps to see the issue. Thanks.

Hi @BrianJ

So if this is a recent change, it makes sense to put the insert edge next up to another edge, but only if we click on that particular edge. However, it if you click anywhere else on the edge, the edge still goes completely close to the edge. Here, I made a video to showcase. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior?

Thanks, it looks like this is due to the edge ring selection. I filed it as

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RH-57382 is fixed in the latest WIP