Insert Edge - Multiple Option?

Could there be a multiple=Yes option to be able to click and add, for example, 3 edges along a loop with 3 clicks?

Asterix repeat works but then i have to re-click the first edge I choose, then click for the inserted edge.

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It’s on the list-


I could see it used maybe as a ‘tween’ style command. So you add that first new edge, you then pick another, and then in the command line you select how many edges you want in between the two you picked. Even less clicking still, and then they could be evenly distributed.

Or even just clicking for each new edge, like if you were extracting isocurves.

I like that idea, it could even possibly be connected to the mouse wheel and you could roll it to add more/less


I think you would pick absolute/original for the ‘end’ of the inserted edges, so there isn’t anything funky in the result too. Even just typed would be nice, in similar style to tween. Even better if you could move the ‘end’ after, like blendsrf sort of, and the intermediate edges re-adjusted.

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I’d like to add my vote on this. The ability to add multiple edge loops at once…Scroll function would be nice but even a command line option similar to the bevel command would be great…along with an option for Absolute/Proportional and even or compressed spacing or distribution of the loop cuts.

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To be honest, I wouldn’t even be the tiniest bit bothered about any fancy scroll like functionality. Give me some options in the command line, let me see it before I commit to it, and I’m happy.

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